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3 Easy Tips that we must do when Retrenchment Happens

The pandemic made drastic changes not only in how we live today but also in the way we work. Do you still remember how many people you know, lost their jobs because their companies were experiencing losses or were closed?

On the other side, did you know that it is predicted that there is a risk of global recession between the end quarter of 2022 and the entire year 2023? 70% of the leading academic economists agreed with it. Signs are showing already such as the rate of inflation, a decline in employment, oil price hike, consumer spending, and higher interest rates. Businesses will move depending on the situation and we will be affected by it, like what happened in the early months of the pandemic in 2021.

Retrenchment is not everyone’s fault, we can avoid it again by upskilling. The end of one’s job means a new beginning too. Consider the countless opportunities for yourself!

Here are the tips on the things to do when retrenchment occurs:

Tip #1: Do a self-assessment

When it happens so fast, it will make you panic and lose hope. Why don't you take a break and do a self-check? You have the talent and skills already. Figure out also what went wrong and reflect on your previous job. It will help you evaluate yourself objectively.

Another way is to try to list down your strengths and weaknesses, to land your next job. Consider your hobbies and interests, as a possible path for you to take.

Are you good at graphic design, writing content, digital marketing, etc.?

Do you want to work anytime and anywhere?

Don't limit yourself to what you can do. Getting to know who you are and what you want to do, before starting again, is necessary.

Tip #2: Get your resume/ curriculum vitae

The key to landing a job offer is your resume. It doesn't have to be long and full of design, what matters is the content you put in and it is aligned with the job you want to apply for. When you find job postings you are interested in applying for, make sure that you get the above minimum requirements and showcase them in the resume/curriculum vitae, to have a higher chance of getting an interview scheduled.

While waiting, you want to have a side job and still have income. You can convert your passion into cash by doing affiliate marketing. It allows you to earn passive income and may lead you to a better job, where you can have flexible time to work.

Are you not yet confident enough to apply for a job or start on your own? Don't worry, tip #3 is for you!

Tip #3: Make yourself marketable

This is by gaining a new set of skills to add to your resume (value)! It is never too late to return to school and learn. It will be a bonus point, to see that you are prepared to take the job you want. Employers prefer candidates who routinely update their skill sets, so adding a new talent or two, will increase your chances of being recruited.

If you are convinced to pursue your career path and interested to learn on how to earn passive income, while doing something you like, this course is for you!

Time is not a problem! You can take a 2-day course to become an Affiliate Marketing Champion and get the Singaporean certificate.

Worrying about the course fee? We have good news for you! Discover some ways that you can get subsidies for courses:

Don't hesitate to try a new career path that will help you find a suitable and exciting job for you. Retrenched or not, you have to add skills and value as individuals. Invest in your future by preparing now.

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