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The use and importance of creating an email marketing strategy for your business

(How to create digital marketing campaign)

Use & importance of Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing must not be left out of your digital marketing project as it can be incorporated with the social media side of your campaign. You can use social media to gather emails which you can then utilize to develop a lookalike audience for your project. You now have a list of Individuals who have decided to receive news and special offers from you. You can likewise use emails to encourage fan development on your social network platforms.

If you seem like you don't have time to send emails, at least establish some automation (or hire an email marketing pro to do it for you). Automations can be produced to invite users to advise them that they left something in their cart, upgrade them on their purchases, and more! Once you develop the emails you want to appear in your automation, you will need to establish a trigger and press start. We’ll look at establishing automation in MailChimp.

As you can see, the trigger is set to send the very first email one day after a customer joins your list. You can then include as many emails as you want in this sequence. Automating emails can save you a great deal of time but it is excellent to send non-automated emails as well.

A welcome sequence is fantastic but what happens when it's over and your customers finish the automation? If you stop email marketing, your consumers will quickly forget your brand.

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