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Grace On is a Certified Image & Etiquette Trainer and was trained by Divine Image International, established in Singapore in 2006. She was trained in color and image consultancy, as well as business etiquettes.


She started her training way back in 2003 with a Pharmaceutical company focusing on pharmaceutical grade skincare and shuffle between Singapore and Malaysia. She worked with doctors and clinic assistants as well as beauty business owners.


She has more than 15 years of experience working and training in corporate companies-local SMEs, MNC, as well as the beauty and wellness industry. A very determined lady, she is highly recognized for her passion and she has been invited to conduct workshops for church groups and business events in the area of corporate image, colors, personal grooming, business etiquettes and has received excellent reviews. She had opportunities to train at IMH and NUS in 2015 and NIE/NTU in 2016.

Grace was also invited to the Beauty Asia Exhibition in 2017 to do 'live' demonstrations on eyebrow embroidery and wrote training materials for U Academy.


In 2018, Grace was also a field trainer with The Face Shop providing training on customer service, team bonding, as well as selling techniques.


Grace also started as a full time freelance trainer in 2018 teaching in WSQ ATOs on beauty & Wellness courses such as semi-permanent makeup, personal makeup, self-care wellness related routines such as korean bojin, guasha facial treatments etc. She was also the winner for the best brow embroidery in 2021 for Vanity Award 2021 voted by netizens.


As much as she believes in improving your outward appearances, she also believes in moving with the trend. She later upgraded herself and completed a train-the-trainer digital marketing course at The First Media Academy,after which she was given opportunities to train in the school.


Her beliefs are that teaching and learning should be holistic- not just head knowledge but heart knowledge as well. She continues to invest some of her time on online and offline programs in the area of life coaching, health coaching,  beauty/wellness and social media related, so that she can contribute in whichever additional ways she can to her learners.

She believes learning never stops, no matter what age you are.

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