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Earn $2000 a week on your social media account!
 Learn how to monetize your account to earn passive income in 2 days!

Don’t just post and scroll, learn to make an income from it! 

WSQ Affiliate Marketing Champion

Monetization and Passive Income Creator

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Why do you need to start doing Affiliate marketing today?

1.  You can start with very little money

2. You can do it alone

3. You don't need to deal with customer service

4. You don't have to deal with inventory

5. No shipping cost

6. Gain your freedom

7. Bond with your love ones

8. You can earn while you sleep

Starting from scratch, this course explains what affiliate marketing is and how it functions. You can start marketing with the help of this course without spending a lot of time or money. It uses well-established platforms and programs to take a direct approach to affiliate marketing, making it simple for anyone to get started. As a result, you can start selling and marketing right away.

More exclusive SECRETS to be revealed in the Webinar class:

Course Content

  • Special highlights on TikTok for Affiliate Marketing


  • Learn about Monetisation & new ways to earn Passive income


  • Identify and select products and services that are suitable for Affiliate Marketing


  • New Marketing strategies that are in touch with the pulse of social media today


  • Develop and omni-channel marketing campaign to reach targeted audiences


  • Develop a website that will add credibility to your business and propel your affiliate marketing


  • Avenue for earning a recurring income for the long term and exponential growth in business


  • Leverage talents and networks of affiliate to reach to others whom you or the company many not have access to


Be a certified Affiliate Marketing Champion today

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This course has taught me to leverage social media for the affiliate marketing strategy. It has also opened my view on Affiliate Marketing to earning healthy passive income through niche markets.


The course was great because it actually showed me what to do step by step to get up my first affiliate channel!


The course is insightful
to affiliate marketing and teaches monetisation & new ways to earn Passive income. It helps to Identify and select products and services that are suitable for affiliate marketing.


This course guides you  through the whole process of setting up a successful affiliate marketing program through proven platforms from product sourcing, content generation to marketing!




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Meet the trainer

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Fairoz is the General Manager of Pink Parlour and has more than 17 years experience in the beauty and retail business .

He is an emerging voice to the brand and establishing it's expansion and presence in Asia which includes Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia since 2007.​

With a flair for digital & social media marketing, he is passionate to share his knowledge and experience for learners to leverage on it.

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