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Parlour Group is a WSQ Approved Training Organisation accredited by Skillsfuture Singapore

Building your
Skills as the Currency for the
21st Century

By tapping on our wealth of Industry technical experiences to grow your Knowledge and Abilities preparing you for the Global Skills of tomorrow.

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Parlour Group Training Digital Marketing Social Media
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Why Parlour Group

At Parlour Group, we are committed to creating an educational atmosphere that makes coming here an exciting experience, each day. Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them while keeping learning fun and dynamic. Keep exploring our site to learn more about our academics, staff, and more


Learn advanced, practitioner-level digital marketing strategies as executed by industry experts.

Creating new Passive Income

"Channel Professionals dive into it,  University students thrive from it and Businesses diversify with it"

⭐ Special highlights on TikTok for Affiliate Marketing

⭐ Learn about Monetisation &

⭐ Identify and select products and services that are suitable for Affiliate Marketing

⭐ New Marketing strategies that are in touch with the pulse of social media today

⭐ Develop an omnichannel marketing campaign to reach targeted audiences

⭐ Develop a website that will add credibility to your business and propel your affiliate marketing

⭐ Avenue for earning a recurring income for the long term and exponential growth in business

⭐ Leverage talents and networks of affiliates to reach others whom you or the company may not have access to

Be a certified Affiliate Marketing Champion today

Brand engagement is important.   When customers are emotionally attached to a brand,  they tend to defend, pay more attention,  become more highly engaged, and advocate the brand they like and trust. 

⭐ A thorough review of your Social Selling and your LinkedIn profile + your brand presence on Social Media

⭐ Obtain new insights into your brand and company brand for better brand engagement

⭐ Audit exercise to
Build and regain your brand confidence to engage with your target audience with impressive repeatable usable daily tools

⭐ In addition, learn about :       
   a. Effective postings,
   b. Demographics,
   c. Social Media Plan, 
   d.  Customer Persona/Avatar, 
   e. Customer Buying Journey,
    f. Content Strategy, 
   g. usage of effective media,
   h. launching and measuring 
        your campaigns
⭐ Social Media Platforms and tools covered includes Linked-In, Facebook/Live, TikTok, Instagram, etc

Be a certified Social Media Marketing Champion today

⭐ Participants will learn about the importance of setting SMART goals at work.

⭐ This course is taught as a blended learning session where participants will drive into areas of self and also work goals in line with their management objectives

Learn digital marketing hands-on and get certified.

Excel in Digital Marketing

We train individuals and industry-leading organizations with expertly designed digital marketing curriculums.

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Values & Culture

We are committed to delivering the best experience at every stage of your learning journey:

In all we do, we will ensure this plays a vital role to build up trust between our students and employees

We will always be proactive in looking for continued ways and approaches to enhance the learning experience of our students & employees

We will work hand in hand with our students & employees in the new normal to foster better environment for students success

We believe in equal opportunity for all students to enable each student to reach their potential





Have acquired new skills and/or knowledge from the training




Would use what they learnt in the course if they were given the opportunity






will recommend this course to others

Digital Marketing Resources

Browse a collection of helpful resources for you to get started on your Digital Marketing learning journey.


To be the training provider of choice


To help aspiring individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their skills improvements and career goals.

Who we are

We are committed to creating an educational atmosphere that makes coming here an exciting experience, each and every day.


What Our Trainees Say

Here’s what trainees who’ve completed our courses have to say.

“It was an eye-opener for me and I enjoyed the way the lesson was conducted, with activities in between to close the loop. The use of activities was good as it kept me engaged and wanting to know more”

P Arriloa

"The mentor was very clear and concise. Great explanations which made it easy to understand. His knowledge was articulated clearly and succinctly with high engagement that put me at ease"

Cheryl Anne

"The mentor's presentation was an interesting way of delivering the topic.  Not only was it lively but also interactive for all those who took part.  The information was delivered in easy bite size packs enabling those listening to have a clear understanding and ask questions.  He also gave the opportunity for the participants to have live interaction which made the presentation interesting"

B Hayes

Learn Digital Marketing
from our experienced trainers & 17 years in the business (since 2005) 

Get yourself certified, apply actionable digital marketing strategies at work and see results.

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